Introduction: Pokeball Plush

Throw it at people and pretend that they're Pokémon.


Sew thread

Sewing needle

Red fabric

White Fabric

Black and white fabric paint

Plush stuffing

Step 1: Cut

Have 2 pedal shaped red fabric and white fabric.

Step 2: Sew

Take the two red pieces and sew the one of the edges of the both red fabric together. Take the white piece and sew one of the edges to one of the red edges. Take the other white piece and sew its edges to the white edge. Then sew the white's edge that's not used to the red edge that's also not used. Leave a hole. If you haven't gotten confused by these directions, then good. If you are confused then, sorry, search up how to sew a ball.

Step 3: Stuff

Take the filling and stuff it up.

Step 4: Draw

Draw a line that separates the red and the white. Then, draw a circle. Add the white circle and your finished.