Introduction: Pallet Christmas Tree

This short instructable will teach you how to make a durable outdoor Christmas Tree Decoration. Please note that one my first attempt to make the Christmas Tree I attached the pallet boards to a shorter pallet board and then attached that to the longer pallet board as seen in the picture of the tree laying down on the ground. I do not think this was the best idea. I left it out in the steps because I ended up taking the tree branch boards off and attaching them directly to the longer board and I think that is a better plan that makes for a more secure structure.

Step 1: Build Your Christmas Tree Design

  • Select a pallet with boards that are in good shape to create your outdoor Christmas Tree.
  • Remove the best boards from the pallet
  • Clean and sand the boards
  • Lay them out as if they were still nailed into the pallet
  • Make a straight line from the center of the top board out toward the outer area of the lower boards to create a visual triangle.
  • Cut the triangle out using a mitre saw, circular saw, hand saw, or jig saw.
  • Looking at the sections of the boards they should make a pretty nice triangle if pushed together
  • Find the strongest support board from your pallet and screw your triangle pieces that will make your Christmas Tree into that strongest board.
  • The pieces will be able to move a little if you just use one screw on each board and that is fine. You can add two if you don't want them to be able to move at all.
  • Paint your Christmas Tree and Paint some circles to represent Christmas decoration balls or any other type of decoration you want.

I use mine to mark the Christmas Holiday for my pets who have passed away and are buried in our pet cemetery.

Enjoy your Christmas Tree!

Step 2: Review of Steps

You may be able to cut your shape while the boards are still attached to your pallet depending on the structure of your pallet but I was not able to do that. That is why I suggested that you remove the boards and line them up and then re-attach them. Also, it is not uncommon to have boards of different quality on one pallet. Select the strongest boards that are on your pallet and skip any that my have cracks, damage, etc....

I hope you consider trying to make a simple outdoor Christmas Tree Decoration also! It is a fun and easy project that just about anyone can make. Thank you for reading my instructable!

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