Introduction: Pallet World Map

About: I'm just a 16 year old kid that likes to makes stuff :-)
a fun project in about one to two hours. Its a great birthday present for the creative person. You can put many diffrent disigns on the board. Like tekst photos and many other things. Just follow the steps and have fun!!

What you need:
-screws or nails
-2 by 3 by 100cm stick

Step 1: Get a Pallet

For this project you will need a pallet (of course). The pallet you want to choose is an old pallet. I got mine from a field behind my house where people throw thier old wood. But make shure that thier are no nasty insecten on or in the pallet. Also look if the pallet is rotting, if it is DONT use it. To get the planks of the pallet you can just use a crowbar or a breaking iron. This is the easiest tool to get the planks of wooden frame. After you get a few planks of the pallet sand them all real good. Make sure to get all of the nasty green stuff of the planks. ( it doesnt matter if your pallet has a few imperfections, this makes it original).

Step 2: Measure and Cut

For this step you will need a measuring tape and a woord saw. First look on both sides of the pallets if they are rotting of if its broken. If this is cut it off untill there is no nasty things left. Now cut your plank in half. After cutting the pallets in half get a 2 by 3 cm or 0.78 inch by 1.18 inchstick ( to know the hight you must put the cut pallet planks ontop of each other. Then you measure the hight. The normal hight far a pallet plank is 7 cm or 2.75 inches)

Step 3: Assemble

Now you can assemble evrything. Its not that hard. You just have to put evrything as seen on the picture. You can use screws or nails, it doesnt matter.
But do use woodglue its realy handy. If you want you can put hang screws in the sticks behind the planks. Also make sure that u put the nails or screws at least 1.5 cm or 0.60 inches away from the edge of the wood, if you dont do this the wood will crack and thats no good. Now you got the wood work done you can start with the picture on te front of the wood. Their are many ways to do this. I did it with just a normal marker. You can also transfer a picture onto the wood. You can do this with a transfer marker( if you do this make sure the marker actualy works). If you use the marker you have to have a lazerprinter if you use an other printer it wont transfer. After you got the world map on you have to put some transparent spray paint on it ( to protect it ).

Your done!!!

Of course you can put pictures on it with the transfer marker and you can make it in all shapes and sizes.