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Introduction: Tree Stump Lamp

About: I'm just a 16 year old kid that likes to makes stuff :-)

When I was working on a project I found a tree branch. I decided to cut a piece off just for fun. And after two weeks I made a lamp out of it. It was quite an easy project, it only took around 2 days. And when you're done you'll have a really nice lamp.

For this project you need:

-A tree stump( it doesn't matter how big, mine was 10 by 10 by 15 cm or 4 by 4 by 6 inches.
- an aliminium pipe
-an old lamp
-a lamp
-a lampshade
-a switch
- a drill
- a woodsaw

Step 1: Get a Tree Branch

First you got to get a tree branch. Mine was form an old tree they cut down. They trew all the pieces in an container, but i could get piece. After you got the tree branch you have to cut it. I decided to make mine short so you can see the aliminium pipe. But it doesn't matter how big or small your piece is, it's your project.

Step 2: Drill a Hole

First you have to find the center of the wood, you can doe this by drawing two x'es diagonally from each other. Then you just have to drill where the lines cross. The hole has to fit the aliminium pipe. My pipe was 1 by 1 cm or 0,3 by 0,3 inches. But when you start drilling you have to start with a small drill and keep going to a bigger drill until you get the right size hole. When you drill the hole you only have to go halfway. You also have to drill a hole trough the hole with a smaller hole, this hole does have to go all the way trough. This hole is for the wires.

Step 3: Make the Hole Square

Now you have the Make the round hole square. You can just do this with files. You do have to make sure that the pipe fits snug in the hole.

Step 4: Drill the Second Hole

Now you have to drill the second hole for the switch. Just drill a hole all the way trough the wood. You might have to drill from both sides. And if you don't know where to drill if you have to drill on both sides you can just drill a hole in one side, screw a screw in so goes out the other side, and then you know where to drill on the other side. You also have to drill a little but to the side on the top side so the switch fiits in. But DONT screw or glue it in jet.

Step 5: Cut the Aliminium Pipe

Now you have to cut the aluminum pipe. I cut mine 17 cm or 7 inches. Because the pipe goes in 2 cm or 0,6 inches, 15 cm or 6 inches stick out. You can cut the pipe with a normal metal saw.

Step 6: Cut a Grove for the Wires

Before wiring you have to cut a grove on the bottom of the stump so the wires can go somewhere. Can do this with a wood file or a drill. I suggest doing it with a file, it might take longer but it's a lot safer.( In the picture you can see three holes but I made a mistake and accidentally drilled hole in the wrong place)

Step 7: The Part That Holds the Lamp

Now you have to make the part that holds the lamp. You can glue it on or you can make the contraption in the picture. I just screwed two hanging screws in the lamp holder. Then I drilled a hole in the pipe so I could put in a nut and bolt. But when you do do it with the hanging screws and bolt I would suggest also putting hot glue on it. When you do glue it make sure to NOT JET glue it, you still need to wire everything.

Step 8: Wire Everything

Now you can wire. Before wiring you have to put two wires through the holes of the switch and the aliminium pipe. After you did that you can solder on the switch and the lamp. And now you can glue and screw in the lamp holder and switch. Now turn the lamp upside down. If you did it right you can see two holes with four wires, each hole two wires. Now you have to bend one wire of each hole to the left and the other side. Now you have to solder both of the right wires of the holes to each other. If you did it right you can see that all the left wires are not soldered jet. Now get The plug that goes in the wall socket. Strip the wires of the plug. In the wire of the plug you can see two wires. These two wires have to be soldered to the left wires of the lamp. And if you did it right the lamp now works. If you still don't get it just ask me in the comments.

Step 9: The Bottom Part

Now have to make the bottom part. You can just get a thin piece of plywood. Then draw the outline of the bottom of the lamp on it and cut it out. This bottom piece helps to protect the wires. And gives to lamp something flat to stand on. After cutting it out you just have to nail it in with nails.

Step 10: Your Done

You done have fun with your new lamp , now you only have to search out a lamp cover, I chose a 28 by 15 cm or 11 by 6 inch cover with writing on it.

If you have any questions just ask me in the comments :-)

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    6 years ago

    This is a great idea for many style rooms but especially if you are forced to cut down a special tree that holds family memories! You are a clever teen the way you re-use wood & pallets!


    Reply 6 years ago

    thanks, but the tree wansn't ours. Really close to our house there is a place where they fix pallets and the tree was in the way. So they cut it down and trew all the pieces in an open container, so I just "borrowed" a piece. And most of my projects are from old pallets or pieces of wood I still have left of other projects, I ever like to trow a good piece of wood away.

    Thanks for the comment, and if you have any more questions just ask me. :-)


    6 years ago

    "Now have to make the bottom part. You can just get a thin piece of plywood"

    If you think about this step, you could have taken a 0.5" slice off the bottom of the log before you started the drilling/filing, saved it, and put it back at the end as a base-cap :)

    This is a trick used on a lot of bandsaw-boxes (plenty of examples here on instructables) made from single chunks of wood.

    Not a criticism, just a heads up to anyone building one of these in future.


    Reply 6 years ago

    that's a great idea, i wish i would have thought about that when i was building it. thanks for the comment. and when i build this lamp again i will be sure to do it. :-)