Introduction: Panda Eye Mask

This cute Panda Eye Mask is a fun way to give new life to an old eye mask or 'jazz up' a plain eye mask from your last flight.

Help the kids to create one for themselves. Be imaginative with the animals that you create. You could easily use these same fabrics to create a penguin, or a raccoon or choose some brown fur scraps and make a bear.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

You will need:

Eye Mask (I used a free aeroplane mask)

Scraps of - Black Faux Fur Fabric

White Faux Fur Fabric


Thread - Black





Sewing Machine

Step 2: Head

To create the head of the panda place your aeroplane eye mask on to a scrap of white fur. Cut around the edges of the mask.

Be careful not to cut the edge of the mask or the elastic banding. Also make sure that the fur pile is brushing down ways.

Step 3: Eyes Patches

Using the size of the head as a guide, cut out two circular shapes for eyes from the black fur.

Once again check that the fur pile is brushing down ways.

Step 4: Attach Eye Patches

Set the sewing machine on to zig zag stitch to applique the eye patches on to the head. You will need a wide stitch with a narrow length.

I used Width 7 and Length 0.5. You will need to check your machine.

Place the eye patches in position, pin if required. Carefully stitch around the eye patch. Keeping the zig zag stitch on the edge of the black fur.

Repeat with second eye patch.

Step 5: Pupils

Using the scrap of white felt cut out two small circles for pupils.

Again use the size of the eye patches as a guide.

Step 6: Pupils

Using a basic running or tacking stitch hand sew the pupils in place.

Step 7: Assembly

Place the panda head on top of the aeroplane eye mask. Pin in place.

Step 8: Assembly

Using the same zig zag stitch, sew around the edge of the white fur (stitching the fur on to the mask)

Be careful to keep the elastic banding a way from the stitching.

Step 9: Ears

Using the scrap white felt cut out two semi circle shapes for ears.

Again use the size of the head as a guide.

Repeat with black fur.

Step 10: Ears

Using the same zig zag stitch sew around the top curve of each ear.

Step 11: Ears

Position the ears above the eyes and a little to the outside of the head. Stitch in place using the same zig zag stitch.

Step 12: Finished

You eye mask is finished. Use it to relax at home or pack it in your carry on for those long flights.

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