Introduction: Paper Dagger With a Sheath

this project is fun, quick, easy and requires almost no materials other than paper! How I will format this is every new step there will be a new set of figure numbers to tell you witch picture I am working on.


  • 4 sheets printer paper
  • a glue stick
  • markers (optional)

Step 1: Make the Blade

First fold the paper in half hotdog-style then unfold it and fold the top two corners down (fig #1) .Then fold the corners in again (fig #2). Then fold the outside edges onto the middle as shown (fig #3).Then fold the edges to the middle crease again (fig#4).Then fold it in half (fig#5).Then glue the last step together so it does not come undone.

Step 2: Make the Handle

First fold another piece of printer paper in half hot-dog style and glue the bottom of the sword to it as shown (fig#1). Then roll the paper around the blade 4-5 times and cut off any extra paper then glue it on the inside so it does not come undone (fig#2)

Step 3: Make the Guard and Pommel of the Sword

First roll the width of a new sheet of paper about 1-2 cm wide and flatten it out (fig#1 and #2).then cut it in half and fold each half in half as shown (fig#3). Then fold them around the handle of the sword and glue on the inside as shown (fig#4)

Step 4: Make the Sheath

First fold about 1-2 in of the length up from the bottom as shown (fig#1).Then place the sword at one end (fig#1).Then roll the paper around the blade of the sword around 3-4 times and at the end fold down 1 corner of the sheath and glue it down(fig#2). Lastly cut off the excess paper and glue the inside of it to the sheath but make sure NOT to glue it to the blade. Now you are done! If you want you can use markers to color the sword I colored my sword blue swirls with straight blue edges but you can color it whatever you want!

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