Paper Earrings Cranes/Swans (Origami Jewelry)

Introduction: Paper Earrings Cranes/Swans (Origami Jewelry)

About: Hello there, I am origami folder from Bulgaria :)

Learn how to make paper origami earrings cranes/ swans (origami jewelry) step by step instruction. Great Valentine's days gift.

✄ What do you need:

✔ 2 sheets of paper with size: 4,5x4,5cm

✔ Glue

✔ Pliers

✔ 2 hooks for earrings

✔ Needle

© Tutorial by Teofila Vasileva

⌚ Duration: 8 minutes

Difficulty: ❤❤♡♡♡

♫ Music: Waltz of the Flowers (by Tchaikovsky)

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