Introduction: Paper Foam Circus Elephant Magnet.

Want to have some circus fun on a white board ! ? ,Or perhaps a fun family Kraft ? ,Or enjoyable toy  to play with ? ,Make a Styrofoam circus Elephant  .

This instructable will show you how to make a paper foam circus elephant magnet . I'm making this for a circus animation for school.

Step 1: Materials You'll Need.

 Things You'll Need :
*Foam paper
*Paper Fasteners
*Double Sided Tape
*Pen For Designs after wards.
*Hole Puncher
*Different Circular Shape Objects To Trace.

Step 2: Making the Body .

Step One

-First take a sheet of blue foam paper , and cut a  circular piece out of the paper .This will be the body of your Elephant.

-Secondly, Cut a Square sheet of any colour you'd like . I chose purple. Round the edge and use double sided tape or glue to put it on the body of the elephant.This is a Cloak for the elephant to give it the circus aspect.

Step 3: Making the Legs

Step 2

First cut out rectangular shapes using the blue foam paper, Do this four times .

-Secondly, Use a black pen to draw little toes & And kneecap designs on your elephant legs to give it a more detail effect. Look at pictures.

Step 4: Making the Head and Ears.

Step 3

First step the actual head, cut out a piece of blue foam paper . Make it circular and big enough for your elephants body.

-Secondly, Cutting out the ears , take a piece of  blue foam paper and cut out wavy shapes.

Step 5: Making the Eyes & Trunk.

Step 4

-First Step ,Get Magnets with a plastic coating over them (preferably White ),

-Thirdly ,Start off by getting something circular to trace the shape of the eye on the white side of the magnet this will be the sclera.

-Lastly use a hole puncher on the black section of your magnet also hole punch a black Piece of Foam Paper and use double sided tape  to attach the magnet. This will be the pupil of the eyes.

Using magnets for your eyes will allow you to animate your elephant eyes moving .

Do This Twice (Two Eyes.)

-Cut Out a wavy shape , With straight ends  This will be the  trunk of  your elephant.

-Feel free to add graphics to the trunk to make it look more realistic.

Step 6: Putting It All Together.

Step 5

Use the hole puncher to punch a hole in the lower section of the head and upper side of the body.

-Punch 4 holes in the lower part of the body and the upper section of the legs,

-Punch 2 holes on the side of the head  and the ears.

-Punch 1 hole in the middle section of the head and at one end of the trunk .

-Use paper fasteners in all the holes to keep it in place.

-Using paper fasteners  will allow your elephant to move.

-Last step use double sided tape  on a magnet  ,Flip  your elephant over and stick your magnets on and enjoy  :)