Introduction: Paper Gun That Shoots Ninja Stars in Air.

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Hey guys,
This instructable is very unique and very amazing.
This is a paper gun that shoots the paper ninja star in the air, this is a saut of flying ninja star.
When you will make this and when you will play with it, you will be proud of yourself, that you made this, so
Let's begin!!!


1.1 square shaped paper
4 Rubber band
5 Your patience.

Step 1: Preparing the Body of Gun

Take a square shaped paper and cut it in three equal parts. Fold all 3 parts as shown in the above figure. Make sure you make the 3rd fold a little bit smaller, why? You will come to know later.

Step 2: Preparing the Handle of Gun

Take a strip and take 1cm gap from the middle line and then take another strip and keep it beside the 1cm and fold the other part of strip as shown above in picture. Now fold it again as shown.

Step 3: Creating Trigger.

Now cut the handle in the middle, which should hold the strip, see the pictures you will come to know. And now take another strip and put it in the hole.
Take one more strip and put it in the two gaps from two sides in the handle.

Step 4: Making Ready for the Gun (last Step)

Now make cuts from the front and back, the shape is shown in the picture,
Take a rubber band and place it in the cuts as shown.
Now take a paper ninja star and place it in middle of the gun as shown. Press the trigger back and your instructable is ready. If you don't know how to make a paper ninja star, then you can learn it here:
If you liked this, then try making it.

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