Introduction: Paper Mache Helmet


This is the technique that I used to make the helmet for my Poseidon costume. I really liked the results. it's pretty strong and looks pretty realistic in person.

U could easily use this technique to make just about any mask or helmet.

Before I get started first and foremost I need to give credit where credit is do.

This was my first time using paper mache clay and I need to thank drachenfang for that. He inspired the hell out of me when it comes to using paper mache and paper mache clay.

Not only are his tutorials detailed and informative, they are extremely entertaining.

I used his recipes for the paper mache and the paper mache clay.

If u haven't seen any of his stuff check him out, his pumpkins are amazing!


Paper mache

Paper mache clay

Aluminum foil

Metallic finish acrylic paint

Sandpaper, better yet a dremel

Masking tape

Time and patience.

Camera to take shirtless selfies...

Step 1:

Start off by wrapping your head in aluminum foil to get the basic shape of your head and helmet. Also it is a good technique to stop the government or aliens from hearing your thoughts..

You wanna leave a little extra room to allow for shrinkage.

Step 2:

Cover your aluminum head mold with masking tape and start building up the basic shape u want.

(No I'm not the one driving)

Step 3:

once u have all the aluminum covered with tape and the basic shape u want to add a couple layers of paper mache and let it dry over night.

Step 4:

make sure it fits once it dry and add another layer of paper mache.

Step 5:

This step is crucial,

take a creepy shirtless selfie of yourself wearing a paper helmet....

Step 6:

now that we've let it dry for at least a day it's time to start playing with paper mache clay! :)

I did this in multiple steps with long dry times in between, usually at least a couple of days. Even if u think it's completely dry, it's probably not!.. Paper mache clay takes forever to completely dry!

Step 7:

I started off with the thicker areas and once they were dry I did some light sanding and filled any cracks or imperfections with more paper mache clay.

Once I got to the thinner area I would put a pieces of p m c in between clingwrap rolling them out like dough, until I got the right thickness. I then apply them to the helmet with a wet dowel rolling it on and smoothing it out.

Step 8:

sand, touch up, let dry, repeat...

Step 9:

now that u have a completely dry and sanded helmet, start by painting the whole thing with acrylic flat black paint.

Step 10:

once the black dries, using the dry brush method paint on multiple layer of metallic finish acrylic paint. Let dry completely between each layer.

Step 11:

Now that u have the finish u want and the paint is dry, take a fine brush and touch up all the low spots with flat black.

I also hit around the crown and edges with black and then wiped it of just ad a little extra dept to it

And that's it. It time consuming but extremely easy.

I would love to see anything u come up with using this technique.

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