Introduction: Paper Plane Launcher Gun

Happy New Year !!!!!

Hi All,

I received a suggestion from "coolcrafter101" that I should make the paper plane launcher as a gun.

In this intructable, I will share how to make paper plane launcher gun or version 2 to my paper plane launcher i shared last month.

Hope you like it !!

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


• 0.75" x 3/16" Wooden strip ( max 2 ft )
• On / Off Switch
• 2 Wheels
• AA batteries
• 3V DC motors
• Battery holder
• Fevicol / PVA glue
• Double side tape
• Wires


• Hex Saw
• Dremel
• Paper tape
• Acrylic Paint and brush
• Soldering iron

Step 2: Wooden Frame Assembly

To build the frame, we need to cut the wooden strips into

  • Main - 5.5" - 1 no
  • Guides - 5" - 2 nos
  • Handle - 3.25" - 1 no
  • Motor holder - 0.75" - 1 no ( depends on the wheel radius , we need very small gap between them , smaller than 1/32")

I used hex saw for straight cuts and angles / joints used dremel

Caution: Dremel may jump around if you try to cut faster. Wait and gently perform the cut


  • Fix the Motor holder on the main wooden strip using joint
  • Fix the 2 guides with 0.25" dept as shown
  • Use paper tape to hold the guides while the pva glue / fevicol dries
  • Make grove for switch, add extra wooden strips to hold the switch in place
  • Leave it to dry for 4 to 5 hours

I donot have clamps so using paper tapes to hold the wood strips close

Paint Job

Use acrylic paint it with shades of your choice. Look into internet for inspiration
Donot use too much of water, let t dry for 1 hr

Step 3: Electrical Connections

Electrical connections are simple, first test the motors and find the direction. We need motors to move in clock and in anti clock directions.

Using double side tapes fix the motors and battery holder as shown

Connect wires to the motor and battery holder with a switch

Gap between the two wheels should be approx 1/32", which ca be adjusted by adding 1mm foam to the wheels

Step 4: Play With It

Once All done, make few paper planes and play with your kid

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