Introduction: Paper Quilling Owl Earrings

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Lets make quilling Owl Earrings.. Pink and Blue !! A great Combo

Step 1: What We Need ?

Its exactly same as I use for my all projects ...

What We need ??
1. Quilling Paper strips

2. Glue

3. Paper quilling tools like slotted pen, shaping moulds, tweezers, scissors etc

Step 2: Making Owl Body:

I made a tight roll* of two pink strips and one blue strip for owl body.

Quilling Roll : Insert a piece of quilling paper into the slot of your quilling tool; Start rolling glue the last part and make a tight roll.

For a tight coil: When almost done coiling, place glue near the end of
the strip and roll to complete. And remove it from the tool.

(Refer the pictures)

Step 3: Making of Eyes

Quilling strip:

Black 3mm strip 7 cm - 4 piece

Yellow 3mm strip 8 cm - 4 piece

blue 3mm strip 9 / 10 cm - 4 piece

join black - yellow - blue end to end and make one single strip (refer pic), then make a tight roll as shown.

similarly make other three tight roll for eyes.

Step 4: Making Wings:

1)blue 3mm strip 11 cm - 4 piece

2) Make loose roll (Insert a piece of quilling paper into the slot of your quilling tool; Start rolling glue the last part, for an loose coil: Finish the coil, then remove it from the tool and allow it to expand. Once it has fully expanded, add glue and press the strip carefully to secure.)

3) Press one end and give a tear-drop shape

4) make 4 pieces like this

Step 5: Making Beak

  1. Yellow 3mm strip 8 cm - 2 piece
  2. Make slightly loose tight roll
  3. Press one end
  4. refer the picture

Step 6: Making of Eyebrows

  1. blue 3mm strip 10 cm - 4 piece
  2. Make one loose roll
  3. Press both end and give a petal shape
  4. twist the shape in opposite direction as shown in figure.
  5. Make 4 piece like this.

Step 7:

Arrange all the parts as shown and stick with glue.

Let it dry

Step 8: Attach Jump Rings and Findings

Now attach the jump rings and earring findings and it is ready to wear.

Thanks for your time.

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Step 9: Make More

I tried some more quilling jewelley, and are beautiful!! Make yours now ..


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