Introduction: Paper Turbine & Silhouette Projector Machine

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Its from paper and it moves ! Its a Paper Machine right ?

What I most love about paper its their versatilty. We can create with paper a lot of machines, well this machine its moved with heat. and his motor its made of paper. This turbine receives the hot air from below and start to move until the heat its off.

I made a Silhouette Paper Lamp or a lampshade for my kids and it was a lot of fun.

Check this out this awesome piece

Step 1: Materials

Colorful paper

Shape scissors



Xacto Knife Kit


Spring Press Stud

UHU Glue

Ceramic Tile

Silhouette Cutter AKA Right Hand

Step 2: Paper Turbine

This paper turbine works with heat. When the cold air get inside the lamp it goes up pushing the fins and making a slight movement.

I just draw a circle with a 11 cms radius, and divided in 12 pieces cutted with the shape scissors, then I gave the shape of a dome sticking the fins with adhesive tape and finnally with glue. In the center I put a Spring Press Stud where its going to spin the whole structure.

Step 3: Silhouette Projector.

I used a piece of paper of 36cms x 15 cms. I draw simple shapes with chalk ,also my 6 yo son, then cutted with my xacto knife over the ceramic tile , finnally I glued the turbine and installed in my Silhouette Lamp.

There are infinite possibilities, you can make your favourite shapes

Step 4: Silhouette Lamp

I used this Turbine and Projector in my Silhouette Lamp. Check this out !

Let me know in the comments what more uses can I give to my Paper turbine.

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