Introduction: Paper Blow Away Ball With Interlocking Papers

This is a toy my uncle used to make for me when I was a kid. It never came to my mind of making an instructable for it. Now as I am making toys for my kid, thought of putting it as an instructable sprang up.

This is a very light weight paper ball that has fins which helps it to be blown around and make various other air related projects.

Step 1: Parts

We need 3 identical paper circles.

I am using a scrap paper from a photocopy machine.

Tale anything round and make 3 identical circles.

Cut out the circles.

You can also use a compass to make the circles if you require any specific size.

Step 2: Center and Mark

Fold the circles in half twice and mark the center. Make sure the folds are not pressed hard so as to make hard lines.

Also mark the circles as shown in the second image. We require these lines to inset the circles within each other.

Step 3: Cut the Marks

Cut the marks made in the previous step.

Step 4: Insert Part B Into C

Now fold the 2 flaps of part B and insert into the center line of part C.

Opening the flaps will secure the 2 parts.

Step 5: Insert BC Into A

Now 4 flaps of the combined part BC are to be folded to make a perfect plus sign which goes into the cut up section of part A. You may need to cut a little more into part A to properly insert them without tearing them. When done open the flaps. Fold the flaps other way to make them as flat as possible. Not to worry if flaps can't be straightened.

Step 6: Play

The ball that you made behaves in a very funny way when comes in contact with air. just put it down and blow on it lightly.

Insert a pipe in a funnel put the ball in it and blow.

Make wind chimes. Thread many such colored balls and hand in your window or any place windy.

Many such projects can be done with this design. Imagination is the limit.


Note: Please ask if you are stuck in any step.

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