Introduction: Papier Mache Monster Mask

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Do you either want to make your friends laugh or make them cry in horror? How would you like to do both at the same time? Follow these simple steps to do so. This is my second instructable and my first instructable that I put into a contest. If you like it please vote for me.

Total time(Does not include drying time): 3 hours

Drying time: 15 hours

Step 1: Nescassary Items

The items you shall need to acquire consist of

Masking tape



strips of newspaper or magazine 1" by 6"

Paint brushes

coffee mug or item similar size to hold ballon


plastic food wrap


Step 2: Puttting Your Balloon in Place and Making the Mixture

After you lay down newspaper or something protective on your table( It gets really messy) and put plastic wrap on your mug put your balloon in place. Put a little masking tape on the back of the balloon and attach it to the mug. This will hold it in place for the next day or so.  Then get 1 cup of flour and 2 cups of water ( For future reference it's one part flour to two parts water) and mix them together in a bowl. Mix it together until there are no lumps left.

Step 3: Making the First Layer

Once you have your 1" by 6" strips simply dunk a strip in your mixture, wipe it off, and slap it on the balloon. Don't "literally" slap it; it might fall off. Try to keep the pattern as clean looking as possible to reduce bumps in the final product. We will be covering the whole entire balloon and then cutting out the mask later.

Step 4: Adding Details and the Second Layer

Once the second layer is dry you can either 1. start adding details reducing time but losing stability or 2. just add more layering taking more time but making the mask stronger. I went with option number 1. If you want to go with option number 2 just add 3 layers, start making details and then  put 2 more layers. As you can see I started to add the nose, horns, and fangs. You could be a lot more detailed than me by adding a concave for the eyes and a more human like nose, lips, and eyebrows. After you finish ( which might take a while because you have to get creative with paper) start adding another layer.


After your second layer has been completely dry you can go with option 2 we talked about earlier and then come back here or if you chose option 1 then get your paste and slather it over your creation. Leave it out to dry and then if you think it's still bumpy do it again. Leave it to dry and then continue on to the next step.

Step 6: Base Layer of Paint

This step is not needed but very helpful. Just get some white spray paint and cover over the whole thing. Wait for it to dry then take the bottom of the balloon and cut it. Make sure you have a good grip on the mask or it will smash into the ground and make a large dent. Cut the balloon out from the mold and then lay it down and think about what you've done.

Step 7: Cutting and Painting Your Mask

Once the paint is dry draw the out line of your mask and cut it out. Once done get your paint ready and think about these two options. You can 1. Paint your mask and be awesome or 2. Hire a hobo to talk to you like your third-grade teacher, cry deeply, and drink yourself into a coma. It was a tough decision but I went with option 1. Think of the pattern you want try it out on the extra piece of mask you cut out. Paint the whole thing and let it dry. 

Step 8: Finishing Up

Once you have the paint dried cut holes on the sides, cut a rubber band in half, and tie it onto the mask. Add the mustache and make him ten times creepier. I really hope you liked the instructable and I also hope you vote for me. Have an wizard day.
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