Introduction: Paracord Dog Harness

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Had a bit of paracord on my hands and felt like my dog needed a new harness. His collar was a bit too uncomfortable for him which led me to create a harness to transfer the applied force so he wouldn't feel choked every time I tugged on the leash. As an added bonus, I gave him a little more style :). Hope you all enjoy the product of free time and concern for my dog (I know it sounds cheesy, but I love the little guy).

-Paracord (I had 50 feet of black and desert camo, not sure how much I used for the harness)
-2 Carabiners (I had them both on hand, planning to change both to black)
-Small vinyl strap (For the collar. Came with the silver carabiner)
-Two key rings (Used to attach the vinyl strap to the neck collar)
-Lighter (to melt the different paracord ropes together)

I made the harness using the cobra weave. I tied off the ends, melted the the stubs that hung out to the inside just for a cleaner look, and constantly checked to make sure I left a little slack to keep it comfortable. To do the weave, I used a ratio of 9:1. Basically, if the circumference of your pet's neck is 10 inches, then you multiply that by 9 and figure you need 90 inches of rope for the weave. If you're doing a dual tone for the weave, divide by 2 to find out how much you need of each color. Maybe add a bit to compensate for melting the ropes together.