Introduction: Paracord Eternity Knot Bracelet

For this bracelet, I used a knot I learned about 35 years ago when I did a lot of macrame.  I don't remember the name it came by, but I always called it the eternity knot.  So if you know it by another name please don't call me to task for it.  Okay?  By any name, it is an easy but complicated looking knot.

This is the first time I tried putting it together in sequence for a bracelet.  I hadn't bought any clip bracelet attachments yet, so I used the knot and loop method of closing the bracelet.  But I will give you directions on how to go about it with attachments too.

Besides paracord, you will need scissors, needle nosed pliers, cigarette lighter and measuring tool.

For now, lets just get started....

Step 1: Getting Started

This is a two color model and I used colors that I hope stand out well enough for you.
Start with two strands of paracord each 7 feet long.
(It turns out I could have used 6 feet, but I didn't want to come up short!)

For my wrist, I needed it 7 1/4" long. This is actual wrist size. From the beginning of the first square knot, to the end of the last square knot. The attachment or knot and loop method, will give you leeway in fit.  You do not want the bracelet plus the closing method to be exactly your wrist size or it will pinch very badly.

Fold one cord in half and put a loop DOWN through your bracelet attachment. Then pull both ends through the loop and tighten. In this picture you can see that the cross bar of the hitch is in back...if you pulled the loop UP through the attachment, you would have a cross bar in back of your work.  I think it looks much better with it in front.  It makes it look more finished and neat.

Here I used a simple piece of cord. As you can see, I didn't tighten the hitch knot at all.  That is because the loop that remains when the holding cord is removed, will be the top loop of my bracelet closure.

Step 2: Adding the Second Cord

Now we attach the second cord. This will be a square knot tied around the first two cords. Find the center of the cord. Start with a loop in back of the first cords. 

2b) 2c)
At the crossed arms of the loop, take the bottom one and cross it over the top of the upper end and both the center cords.  Put the working end down through the top of the loop.

2d) 3a) 3b)
Pull it into shape and tighten. Now, as with all square knots, the line that went in back of the center cords, will go in back again, so bring that back cord out and under the center cords. And over the other hanging right side piece.

3c) 3d)
Bring that right end up and over the center cords and down through the left hand loop.  Tighten and snug up to the top.

Side note:  You will be dealing with paracord... that LOVES to kink and twist.  So the better you pay attention to the cord and keep it UN-twisted, the better your finished product will look.  Check it at each stage of each knot. 

Step 3: Split the Colors

From here on out we will be dealing with one each of the two colors.  A left pair and a right pair. 

Step 4: Beginning the Eternity Knot

Take the left side over the right in a wide loop and back over itself. Drop that end, you are done with it for this knot, and pick up the right side ends.

Step 5: Making the Knot

Lets take a look at the set-up.  The left hand loop passes over the right in two places.  It also passes over itself.  We are going to be weaving the right hand cords over and under in a way that will lock all the cords in place.
Take the right side ends and pass them over the hanging left hand ends, UNDER the left side cords....
OVER the center of the left hand loop...
UNDER the right hand cords in the middle of the loop...
and OVER the outer part of that first big loop.
You just made an eternity knot!

Step 6: Adjustments

11) 11b) 11c)
Pay close attention to the way the colors wrap around side by side. Don't let them twist around each other. Now gradually tighten it up.

Too loose and you will have gaps... Too tight and it will start to curl in on itself.  You can come back in a couple of knots and adjust it all over again as needed.

Step 7: Adding Knots

Now we will do the same with the right side cords.  The right side has the cords coming out of the top of the knot. In the next knot they will be coming out of the bottom.

I know it looks a little lopsided right now, but you will keep adjusting the knots until they are all aligned and the

Step 8: When to Stop

14 -16)
Again, with the left side cords, as you can see they are now the ones sticking out of the top of the knot.

Alternate this way, adjusting as you go. 

Because you will finish with a square knot,  measure the first square knot and make the finished size short of your wrist size by this much.  ei..if your first square knot is 1/2" then stop when you reach 1/2" short of your wrist size.

Step 9: Last Knot to Finish

using the same color cords you started with, make another square knot just the same as at the top.  The right hand cord over the top of the center cords, and under the left one.

17b) 17c)
The left cord under the center cords and up through the right hand loop

17d) 17e)
lightly tighten.  Then take the same end that went in back and put it back under the center cords and over the hanging cord on the right.

17f) 17g) 18)
Pick up the hanging cord and pass it over the two center cords and down through the loop on the right.  Snug it up and recheck all your knots for size and alignment.

Step 10: Loose Ends

19 a,b,c,d,e,f,
Now it is time to fix your loose ends.

You will need a crochet hook or a paracord needle. Or even some small needle-nosed pliers.  If you don't have any of those, try a bobby pin or pinch a paper clip to fit.

(The back of your work will be opposite to the side that has the first cross bar at the attachment.)

Slip your tool under the closest two cords on the back of the bracelet that don't show on the top side.  Snag a loop on one cord and pull it through the hole. Do the same on the other side. Pull the ends through and cut kind of long.  You may still need them for adjustments.

Step 11: Youve Reached the End!

20) 20b)
You can look up fancy knots to end this with but I like the simple overhand knot.  Tighten it up good and check the fit by puting it on.  Adjust if needed and really tighten it down!

21) Cut close to the knot and melt the ends with your lighter.

Now, if you were going to use a clip attachment, you would pass the center ends down through the attachment.   

Slightly loosen the first square knot and pull the ends through that and retighten the knot very well !   See why you didn't cut the ends short?  

Double check your size and tighten it all down.  If your bracelet is a little too short, you can add another 1/2 square knot..  If it is a little too long, go back up the line of knots and loosen them up just a tiny bit.  That will draw up the size a bit shorter.

Bring the second set of cords to the back and slip them behind the same holding cords as the first ones.

Step 12: Finishing Touch

Time to cut the other two ends and melt them too. (Or all the ends if you used the attachment.)

Now this was my first bracelet and I didn't cut the ends very close to the cross bars.  What I did later, was to cut very close, pull the ends out of the 'overpass' with my pliers and singe them one at a time... pulling the ends back under the cross cords before they cooled.

This made the closed ends virtually invisible.

Step 13:

Well here it is, finished and ready to wear!  Yours will turn out just as good, I know, so don't just sit there, grab some cord and get started!!!!

I hope this has been clear enough for even a very very beginner, and not too boring for you seasoned types.

Let me know what you think please, and ask any questions you like.  I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you!