Introduction: Paracord Pot Holder

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Protect your hands from heat with a pot holder made from Paracord! I don't like to use oven mitts so this is my alternative. This handle can slip on and off and squeeze onto all your pots and pans to protect them from the heat!

You will need:

- Two 8 foot lengths of Paracord

- Scissors

- Sixteen 1 inch nails

- Hammer

- A wood dowl the same shape and thickness of your pan handle

- Rubber bands

- A lighter

- Fire Resistant spray (550 Paracord is resistant to 224 Celsius / 435.2 Degree Fahrenheit)

Step 1: Create Your Template

1. Measure your handle's with and length to select an appropriate size dowl

2. Add 4 nails to each end and nail them through the board so they stick out on the other side. Also add 2 nails to each side on each end. At either end their should be 8 places to wrap your paracord in a circle. You will use these to hold your paracord in place.

Step 2: Wrap in Your Template

Now wrap your paracord in your template in a nice S-shaped weave around all the nails. It is an excellent Idea to use rubber bands to hold the ends down.

Step 3: Start Your Weave

Start your weave with an over under pattern and alternate the "over/under" pattern every full circle. Make your weaves in the middle and push them down to the ends to keep everything snug. Take your time.

Step 4: Finishing Your Weave

As you get to the end it will get more and more difficult to weave. Don't be afraid to take your paracord off of the wood fowl. Make sure everything is snug first! Finish your weave

When you have finished your weave tighten everything up. Trim the spare ends and prepare to melt the ends down. If you are scared to melt the ends you can practice on some spare cord, or sew the ends down.

When everything is finished you can coat the handle in Fire resistant spray such as No-Burn Fabric Fire Guard Spray.

Step 5: Finished

Congratulations! you have finished!

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