Introduction: Parent-child Education:Electronic Course Kit for Kids

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When it comes to circuits, what's the first thing you think about?

Wires, light bulbs, power supplies, switches in the lab?

Complicated wires?

Or a bunch of professional component symbols?

All of you think of are, really, but have you thought about that circuits can also be simple on paper?
Designing a connection circuit is as easy as drawing with a brush, connecting small light is as convenient as stickers.

Any idea of yours can simply be realized on the paper, and all your reverie will become an easy work of art.

hese can be done with magic paper circuits,
Paper circuit is a new way to learn and create art, A paper circuit is the use of a conductive pen and stickers on a piece of white paper to build any simple or complex circuit.

Before we introduced the magic conductive pen, today we will introduce the kit which can achieve amazing ideas by conductive pens.

Step 1: Preparing Materials

Step 2: Drawing Circuits

Step 3: Cutting

Step 4: Attaching Components

Step 5: Let's Play

Dual circuit. Parents and children each control a circuit, such as parent control traffic lights, children control the car. When the red light is on. Your child needs to turn the brakes on to light the tail light. When the green light is on, the horn can be switched on, then we can go on. Teach children simple circuits and transportation knowledge while playing.

Step 6: Continue Teaching

After playing, if you want to continue teaching, you can teach children simple circuit, simple power lamp, series and parallel, if you want to experience a difficulty, you can try to flash the light circuit.

More than 10 different difficulty circuits to experience

And more education themes

In this way, a set of electronic circuit toys is ready to teach.If you are interested in our project, please follow us or contact the editor directly.