Introduction: Passive Stylus Pen

Hi everyone! In this instructable I am going to show you how to make passive stylus pen using common household supplies.
A Stylus pen used in touch screen to draw, point, swipe etc
A passive stylus pen conducts the electrical charge from your fingers to screen.


1.a pen body
2.metallic wire

Step 1: Fixing Wire (if You Have Metallic Pen Then You Don't Need to Do That)

Start from one end of pen and bent it inside the tip of pen. (I used wire of double length to pen and then twist the both ends to make them stable but you can also use wire a quiet more than length of pen.)
Metallic wire will pass our electrical charge to screen

Step 2: Making Cotton Tip

Take a small part of cotton enough dip it into water and then roll it with help of you fingers
Let very small amount of water left in order to make it conductive now place it at space for tip with help of any pointy tool. Now your stylus is ready

Step 3:

Always remember that your fingers should touch the metallic wire. And don't left extra amount of water in cotton we just need very small amount of water.

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