Introduction: Old Denim's Cloth Bracelets

Most of us have old denim clothes . We can recycle them in many ways like turning them into bag. Purse etc. In this instructable I am going to show you how to make bracelets using old denim and some old button beads etc.


1.old denim clothes
2.collect button or beads as much you can(not necessary to be shiny and new and uniform)
3.thread and needle
4.white glue
7.marker pins

Step 1: First Bracelet

I try to give infinity gauntlet a cool denim version for first bracelet. You need 5 denim strips of your fingers size 6 strips of size of your wrist (i take some extra for safety)you can choose thickness of strips by yourself but made them max 2cm and min 1 cm take 5 strips size of your fingers and sew or stick them.

Collect the button and beads of color or infinity stones (blue, green, orange, yellow, red, purple) button and bead not needed to uniform you can use whatever you find.

Sew the button and a strips size of your wrist together with rings you made.

Take five rings and them at right place as shown in image then mark it or fix it temporarily with string then sew the origin point of all the 5 strips to the six one. And you are done.
End it using ribbon as shown in fig and I also add safe pin with some blue beads you can add that too using different bead.

Things to keep in mind :
a) Always remember which ring is for which finger
b) I didn't put the buttons in that order that thanos did in movie because I didn't think order of stones matter and also my favorite stone is space stone (really don't know why) but you can put them in order that is power, space, reality, soul, time, mind(at strips not on ring )

Step 2: Second Bracelet

You need a strip double size of your hand. Add safety pins with beads,buttons ,ball pen tip , part of chain,bead etc to them and add ribbon at both end, you can use them as choker or bracelet both.

Step 3: You Are Done : )

Here you are ended with your denim bracelet. If you made these share it with me. I want to see different and unique different bracelet that made by you ; ).
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