Introduction: Green Beads Tree of Life Pendant

Hi! In this rainbow challange i am going to show you guys how to make tree of life pendant with green beads hope you find this easy and fun to make.


1.Copper wire
2.wire cutter seed beads

Step 1: Making the Circular Wire Loop

Take copper (0.8)wire make circular shape using any cylindrical thing(bottle cap)

Step 2: Making Tree

Take 8 copper wire (0.2) 15 CM long. Divide them in half and attach them to circular loop by twisting them(see images) . Now once you done twist them all together.

Step 3: Adding Beads

Now you have to add beads to each wire and then wrap them on circular loop.

Step 4:

It's totally optional. To wrap the wire around whole circular loop.

Step 5: You Are Done

Cut the extra wires make sure any pointy wire doesn't left. And your pendant is ready. Yay!

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