Introduction: Diy Deathly Hallows Symbol Pendant and Golden Snitch Earcuff

Time to turn some piece of wire into Harry Potter stuff so check out the supplies and steps for making that for yourself.


1.Copper wire
30cm (0.8 mm diameter)
40 cm(0.2 mm diameter)
2.wire cutter
3.two wire benders

Step 1: Making Deathly Hallow Sign

Draw equilateral triangle (6 cm)with altitude and inscribed circle in it (inscribed circle is the largest possible circle that can fit inside the triangle) then bend the triangle according to your drawing leaving some extra wire on both adjacent sides one for making loop and other for the altitude of triangle then take another piece of( 0.8mm) wire and bendit in shape of circle if you use same measurement then you need to make circle of radius 3 cm. After that join them using things wire as shown in image

Step 2: Making Golden Snitch Ear Cuff

Take thin wire and a golden bead. Divide the wire in half and add golden bead to it.leaving the loop beneath it. Then draw the wings on paper then fold wire in shape of wings make loop above it and then fold the wire loop beneath.

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