Introduction: Peaceful Looped Necklace

- 10 Elaine Ray Lentil beads, assorted finishes
- 2 Chain toggle sets ( reserve the toggle bars for another use)
- 2 brass tube crimps, #4 size
- 36 inches of turquoise waxed linen thread, cut into two 18 inch sections
- 72 inches of dupioni silk ribbon, cut into two 36 inch sections

- Chain nose pliers
- Scissors

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial (More Pictures Here!)

Step 1: Knot Beads Into a Strand

Roll the ends of both pieces of waxed linen between your fingers to attach them to one another creating a single strand. Tie a knot 6 inches from the end of the strand. Thread a bead onto the longer end of the strand and tie a knot to secure the bead. Repeat until all beads are knotted on the strand.

Step 2: Crimp Toggle Circles to Knotted Strand

Thread the linen through one crimp bead and then through the ring on one toggle loop. Thread the linen back through the crimp bead as shown and pull tight. Using the chain nose pliers flatten the crimp and trim the excess linen. Repeat with the other end.

Step 3: Attach Ribbon and Tie Into Necklace

Loop one section of the dupioni silk and thread through one toggle loop. Feed the ribbon ends through the loop and pull to secure the ribbon to the toggle with two long trailing ends. Repeat on other end of the necklace. Tie at neck at desired length.