Introduction: Pearl Decorated Letter

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This kind of decorations are very trendy and can be made in a million ways. It's always great to have an initial of your name decorated with something that represents your personality. Today I'll show you how to decorate one with pearls.

Step 1: Materials

MDF letter (they are very easy to find in any craft store)

Whte spray paint (matte)

Big pearls

Small pearls

Glue gun

Step 2: Paint

Cover the surface you're going to be working on.

Spray paint the letter evenly. If necessary do another layer of spray paint.

Let it dry for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Glue

Put a drop of glue in one corner and place a pearl. Be careful to put the pearls so that you cannot see the holes from the front.

Continue gluing the pearls one at a time.

Step 4: Follow a Design

I decided to put them close together in some areas and very separated in others but you can do it as you like the most.

Step 5: Clean

When you are working with glue gun you end up with lots of "spider webs" all over your craft. Be patient and take them all off so you can have a very clean piece.

Step 6: Ready!

It's ready now! You can put it where you like the most or it can also be a great decoration for a candy table in a party or even a wedding!

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