Introduction: Pearl Necklace Design – How to Make a 2-Strand Pearl Andturquoise Beaded Necklace

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Summary: Like double stranded pearl necklace DIY? Well, this Beebeecraft tutorial is entirely about how to make a pearl and tuoquoise bead necklace DIY at home. Hope you will like it!

Glass pearl beads are mainly used in making this pearl beaded neckalce, Besides, there are turquoise beads and Tibetan style links needed, how do you like it? This pearl necklace DIY is very suitable for making at home. Now, let’s begin to learn how to make a pearl necklace DIY at home with detail steps!

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies You’ll Need in Making the Pearl Bead Necklace:

7~30x8~10mm Mixed Shape Synthetic Turquoise Beads

Round 6mm Natural Sinkiang Turquoise Gemstone Beads

9x7mm Wheat Glass Pearl Beads Strands
8mm White Pearlized Glass Round Beads Strand

Mix brass head pins Mixed Color

3.2x3mm Round Iron Spacer Beads

5x1.5mm Flower Alloy Bead Spacers

Antique silver alloy flower connector link chandelier

Step 2: Make a Basic Bead Link Pattern

1st, slide a 10mm wheat drop pearl bead to a head pin, then make a loop at the other end of it, make 3 dangle like that;

2nd, add it to a flower link as the picture, cut off about 65cm tiger wire, cross the wire through the link; 3rd, slide a 8mm white glass pearl, a big turquoise bead, a smaller tuoquoise bead, a spacer bead, a square turquoise bead, a bead spacer, a turquoise bead, and a bead spacer on the end;

Step 3: Finish the 2-strand Pearl Necklace

1st, slide a crimp bead onto the wire and pass the wire back to the bead then pinch it with flat nose pliers;

2nd, add the 8mm pearl beads to the wire, add the turquoise beads after sliding about 20 8mm glass pearl beads; 3rd, continue to add glass pearl beads and interval add the turquoise bead as the picture shows;

4th, make a knot with the wire after sliding the enough length.

Step 4:

Tada! This tutorial on how to make a double stranded pearl necklace at home is over! What a fabulous long layered pearl necklace and a perfect formal accessory to wear everywhere! Based on this pearl necklace DIY, you can choose other materials and colors to make your own style necklace. Just have a nice try!