Introduction: Pencil Carved Sculpture

This instructables guides to carve a sculpture in pencil. This instructables presumes a beginner experience for the reader. The materials required are pencil and carving tool. You can use any pencil but pencil with softer lead can help in carving smoothly.

The height of the sculpture is 1.5mm

Step 1: Uncover the Lead

  • To being with start removing the wood around and try to preserve the cylindrical shape of the lead.
  • Carve and try to make shape of a conical frustum
  • The tip of the lead should not be sharp
  • Create 4 lines with equal distance

Step 2: Marking Segments for Body

  • Then extend the line along the radius of the frustum.
  • Hold the pencil blade in position and rotate the pencil around its axis to mark the lines

Step 3: Creating the Lower Body

  • Reduce the diameter of the lead between the first and fourth line(bottom body) starting from outside in movement. Refer picture for reference

Step 4: Correcting Face and Marking Eyes

  • Make the head part of the sculpture spherical in shape.
  • Deepen the line on the neck by etching a little deeper
  • To mark eyes, position your carving tool on the eye's place and keep a little dot on it. Do not try to etch eyes as it will create wider marks on the face.

If you are done make the tiny necessary alterations required to make it look pretty.

As it is very tiny to work with I would recommend using a magnifier or a mobile camera with stand to avoid eye strain.

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