Introduction: Herbal Mosquito Repellent Liquid

Hi! In this instructables I will share how to make homemade mosquito repellent liquid. The idea behind this project is that mosquitoes are repelled to herbal materials like neem, camphor. So we could use these herbal materials to reduce infestation in our home.

Materials required to make this mosquito repellent solution are

  1. Neem leaves -10 leaves
  2. Coconut oil – 2 drops
  3. Water – 25ml
  4. Camphor -1 (2 gram)
  5. Old liquid mosquito vaporizer kit

Step 1:

Remove the neem leaves from its stem and put it in a mixer. Add oil, camphor, water to the mixer.

Grind it as fine as possible.

Now filter the solution through a colander.

Step 2:

Disassemble the liquid vaporizer kit.

Force remove the wick of the bottle, then use a flat head screwdriver to remove the rubber bush holding the wick.

Pour the filtered solution we just prepared

Note: Do not touch the wick with bare hands, use a tissue or paper towel

Step 3:

Join the lower and upper part of the wick to the rubber bush, then insert the bush back into the bottle

Now screw the bottle back to the vaporizer kit

Turn on the vaporizer and keep the vaporizer in active /full power mode

Step 4:

To use the bottle again for the next day, empty the bottle, wash the bottle in water dry it and then reuse it.

Now you can keep your home free from mosquito infestation.

Note: The liquid prepared does not contain any preservative, hence cannot be used after 12 hours from the time of preparation.

The solution also does not include any chemicals that harms human or animals in any way.

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