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From time to time, I'm helping my wife, who works with kids, to solve some tasks with organizing the classroom space, with different things. This time I'd like to introduce the "Pencils 2go holder" that is used to solve the issue with outdoor drawing activities, where kids have to draw something. Before I created this holder, there was a problem with carrying the pencils to outdoor activities, broken pencil tips, lost pencils and etc… This holder has space for the 7 pencils (6 base colors + basic pencil) it keep pencils from falling out and their tips are in safe.

Holder was designed to fit the most common pencil type with hexagonal shape and tested with triangular shape pencils from "Cores" brand. Anyway if this holder is not compatible with pencils that available in your area, please upscale or downscale the holder in the slicer, for your 3d printer.


• neck lanyard, like this one on Amazon

• 3D printer or a friend with it

Step 1: Printing and Assembling

This step is simple, download the model, print it with no supports. Fasten the lanyard to the pencil holder and fill It with pencils, use.

Step 2: Another One Use Case for the Holder

You can use this holder likke desk based, e.g. print the base, attached to this step, stick it to the table with double sided sticky tape. Fill with pencils and use, or if you have used version on the lanyard, simply detach the holder and snap it to the table base. :) When lesson finished, you an unsnap the pencil holder from the base and store the pencils in their place or hand on the lanyard.

Thank you for reading and Happy Teaching!

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