Introduction: Pennywise Costume

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What you need for this:

White fabric for bloomers (I used an old bed sheet)

White corset

White chiffon



Shorts for template


Needle and thread

Sewing machine

Safety pin

Red buttons


Red wig

Step 1: Trace Your Template

Start off with the fabric folded in half.

You need to cut out four individual pieces, two pairs of identical pieces, so if you fold the fabric over, you can cut out two at once.

Before you cut, begin tracing of course

Fold the shorts over to the seam one way, trace and cut out

And the do the same with the shorts folded the opposite way, trace and cut out

Step 2: Begin to Pin and Sew

You should have four individual pieces at this point.

To start pinning, take one of each side and lie them on top of one another

Pin down the sides and leave the middle and crotch open

Do the same for the other two remaining pieces

Now you will have two sides.

Bring them together and pin down the front and back leaving the crotch area open

Then begin to sew.

Sew down the sides and down the middle

Once you have done this, the crotch piece will make a little more sense and you will be able to pin it correctly

These pins need to run the other way and you sew the bottom of the pieces together

Step 3: Add a Hem

Now to make them into bloomers

Add a hem at the top (depending on the width of your elastic) - mine was about 4cm wide.

Pin the hem and make sure to leave one part open (about 1cm,) for you to thread the elastic in after.

Measure the elastic around your waist (depending on how high you want the bloomers to sit)

Cut the elastic to size, put a safety pin through one end and take the other end and pin it on the bloomers so that you can begin threading and keep the end of the elastic out. The safety pin just makes it easier to maneuver the elastic through the tight space within the hem.

Once you have threaded it all the way through, sew both ends of the elastic to one another and stitch the small gap in the hem closed (I did it by hand because it was so small)

Arrange the rouging evenly

Step 4: Repeat the Process for the Legs

Using a thinner elastic, repeat the process for the legs.

Measure around your leg where your bloomers are going to end (remember you can make them longer than this if you like)

Pin and sew hems in both the legs remembering to leave a little gap

Thread the elastic through the gap

Sew both ends of the elastic and close the gap

Step 5: Add Lace to the Bottom

I also opted to sew this section by hand because it was delicate work but if you are going to be using the bloomers often then perhaps it is better to sew them with a machine.

I would then recommend sewing the lace on at the same time as you sew the hem of the legs to avoid having to use the machine twice

Step 6: Wrist Ruffles

I chose to make ruffles for my wrists and for above my elbows.

I measured out the elastic according to those parts of my body and cut it out.

Then I cut the chiffon, keeping the salvage edge at the bottom so that I wouldn't have to hem it.

I cut between 20cm - 30cm and began to sew the ruffles by hand.

To do this I first sewed the elastic into a band

Then I folded about 3cm over the band and put a tack through just to hold it in place

I then began to gather up the fabric along the elastic and sewed it in place, creating that ruffled looked.

I made four of these

Step 7: Neck Ruffles

The neck ruffle worked similarly to the arms.

I measured around my neck and added ruffles all the way around

Once it was done, it looked a little flat so I added another layer of ruffles, doing them from the other side

Instead of sewing the elastic closed, I added a button to the back to make it easier to put on.

For the button to close, I took a small piece of chiffon and sewed it in a loop on the opposite side of the fabric so that I would be able to close it

Step 8: Corset

I already owned a corset

It was just a little small in the top area so I added some ruffles again just for additional cover

And down the front, I sewed on three huge red buttons I had.

Alternatively you can do baubles or puffy thingys. Whatever your vibes is

Step 9: Complete!

Then I did my makeup.

Unfortunately I didn't get many shots of it but I lined my eyelids with white

Outlined my lips in black and filled with a red lipstick and blended

Also did a spot of red lipstick mixed with black eyeshadow on the tip of my nose

Then using a red lipliner, I traced the red above my eyebrows, down my cheeks and into the corners of my mouth.

I blended it up and filled it in with red lipstick mixed with a little black eyeline to make it grungy.

Finally I topped it off with the red wig and set out for my shoot.

For the full tutorial, check out my Youtube video below