Introduction: How to Make the 007 Desk

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Hello everyone, in this project i will show you how to transfer or recycle cartoon and paper in a useful way. I have been a long time planning for an overdesk to help me in studying and creating until i found the perfect design which is as i will show you here in my instructable step by step. This overdesk contains spot light (lamps) , fan, speakers and a secret boxes for hiding top secret objects for you.


Step 1: Watch the Video

Here I present the final look of my project.

Step 2: You Will Need Cartoon

Simple cartoon papers and an right angled one.

Step 3: Materials and Tools Needed

  • glue gun
  • scissor
  • blade
  • marker and a pencil
  • white glue
  • scotch
  • ruler
  • drill
  • Screwdriver

  • Screws

  • spray paint

  • electric tube

Step 4: Materials Needed

  • 6V battery
  • wires
  • fan
  • speakers
  • switches
  • lamps

Step 5: Forming the Proper Design

  • THE UPPER PART: 30cm on the straight part and 15cm on the inclined part and 15cm on the rear side with width=40cm.
  • THE LOWER PART: L=75cm W=40cm (length and width)

Step 6: Cut the Box Paper

Cut it as A4 size

Step 7: Gathering the Box Paper

  • Size: L=30cm W=22cm
  • cut two rectangles with L=30cm W=3cm and another one but with L=15cm
  • add at each terminal an 1cm square
  • paint it with a spray

Step 8: Forming the LOWER PART

cut the lower part as what you need to put in your overdesk, lamps, speakers......

and paint it

Step 9: Setup the Lamps

fit the lamps in a way that can be convenient with your desk (distribute the spot lights).

Step 10: Forming the TOP SECRET BOX

  • cut the a rectangle with length L=40cm and width W=8cm
  • cut another rectangle with L=40cm and W=16cm
  • cut a square with a=8cm

Step 11: Gathering the Top Secret Box

Gather the parts of the box using a glue gun.

Step 12: Create the Word

  • Form using an paper scotch the word that you need to spray it.
  • be careful to insulate the letters well.
  • paint it.

Step 13: Take Off the Tape.

  • After painting the box try to get off the tapes that form the word "Top Secret".

Step 14: Painting!!!

  • using a spray paint the whole project.
  • try to make some decorative waves or any drawing to not make it classic or regular.

Step 15: Adding the Right Angle

Using a glue gun and scotch tape stick the right angled cartoon to the upper part to give it strength.


Step 17: Drilling

Drill two holes to fix the overdesk using screws.

Step 18: Fixing the Upper Part

  • balance the upper part to be straight
  • setup the upper part using a screw driver and a screw.

Step 19: Forming the Control Panel

  • use a small box for the control panel (here I used my smart watch box)
  • cut the small box according to the number of switches you may put.

Step 20: Set the Switches and Painting

  • put each switch in it convenient place
  • paint the box using a spray

Step 21: WIRING the Circuit !!

  • In wiring you will use the lamps, wires, switches,soldering....
  • each component in this circuit is connected in parallel
  • all of the circuit is connected to a 6V battery.
except the emergency lamp and the speakers.

Step 22: Wiring the Control Panel

  • connect each switch to its convenient lamp
  • first there is two switches for the two lamps
  • and another one for the fan
  • additionally to the wire AMF for speakers
  • all of that is connected directly to the overdesk using an electric tube

Step 23: Set the Components of the Project

  • place the lamps closely to each other and glue them up
  • place the fan and the speakers, then glue them
  • here the speakers are connected separately to the control panel
  • connect the negative wire of the two lamps and the fan together and connect it to the battery
  • extend the positive wires from the lamps and the fan separately to the control panel.


Step 24: Place the EMERGENCY + LAMP

  • pick a bright color like blue or red for the emergency lamp
  • place beside the other lamps and glue it up.

ROLE OF THE EMERGENCY LAMP: In the case of battery low or the loss of electricity,then there is an alternative lamp that you can use it in this cases.

Step 25: Set Up the LOWER PART

  • after wiring the circuit you are ready to setup the lower part
  • using a glue gun and scotch tape stick up the lower part complementary to the upper one on the wall.

Step 26: Fix the Wires

  • Fix the wires connected in the overdesk from the electric components to the control panel.
  • fix them to the lower part.

Step 27: Gathering the Wires

  • Gather all the wires in an electric tube by putting them in it.
  • by putting them in the electric tube it will decorate the view of wires.

Step 28: Add the Both Parts

  • after wiring add the lower part to the upper one by gluing them together.
  • to be easier for you, use a tape to keep it fixed and then glue them together.

Step 29: Strength the Setup

  • add some wooden sticks between the upper part and the lower one.
  • this prevent the deformation of the setup.

Step 30: Decorating

decorate using a nice ribbon to hide the glued part.

Step 31: Test the Circuit

  • test the lamps, speakers and the fan.
  • be careful to check them up before finishing it completely.

Step 32: Place the Lock

  • using wooden sticks cut two pairs of 2cm per peace.
  • add them to the box paper at the center of each side in a right angled form.

Step 33: Another Part of the Lock

  • glue the form shown in the picture to the stick.
  • be sure to make it convenient to the stick from the box paper.(the switch)

Step 34: Setup the Box Paper in the Form

Step 35: Fix a Cap to the Terminal of the Stick

  • add a cubic cartoon cap to the stick of the lock.
  • it give it a decorative view.

Step 36: Add the Side Parts

  • glue the both of the part sides of the overdesk to the other parts.
  • cut a small place in these parts for the lock after connect it to the lock inside it.

Step 37: Add the BOX PAPER

add the box paper to the whole system.

Step 38: Before.....

before get up the hidden boxes or the secret boxes.

Step 39: AFTER.....

after showing the secret boxes.

these two steps will be explained in the video.

Step 40: Put the Instructable Patch


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