Introduction: Perfect Pocket Pen

What's worse than having a pen that's too big to fit in your pocket? Not having a pen in your pocket when you need it.


The Perfect Pocket Pen (Patent Pending).

Legal Disclaimer:

There is NO patent pending. It's just a cut up Bic pen. But how about that alliteration? This mod is not my idea. I found it on r/EDC of Reddit.

EDIT: At the end of creating this 'ible, I was trying to find the original r/EDC post that inspired me. This led me to the 'ible that they created. Oh well, I've already put all this work in, so I'm publishing. Maybe my puns and alliteration will entertain.

Step 1: Supplies

The extensive list of supplies needed:

  1. Bic Round Stic Pen (came be found for free at many places or Amazon)
  2. Knife
  3. Paper towel (optional depending on the level of ink already used in the pen)


These pens are often used as branded, give-away pens at banks, mortgage brokers, medical offices, retail shops, etc. This may work with other types of pens, but the Bic Round Stic is an excellent pen, for the money. You do NOT want the Bic Round Stic models that include a rubber grip enhancer. You want the plain, old, original Round Stic.

The gray pen in the picture was the first one I made. It has lived in my pocket for several months now. I came across the blue pen and decided to cut it down too, because I prefer writing in blue ink.

Step 2: Remove Core & Cut Tube

Step 1: Remove the pen core

Use your fingers, a pair of pliers, or your teeth to grab the "cone adapter" that holds the ink tube in the pen tube.

Step 2: Cut the pen tube

Use a knife or razor blade to cut the pen tube. I found that the perfect length is to cut the tube in between the words Round and Stic. In a pinch you can use scissors, but the cut will probably not be pretty.

Step 3: Cut Ink Tube

Step 3: Measure and Cut the ink tube

Discard the portion of the pen tube with the word "Round."

Place the ink tube next the "Stic" portion of the pen tube.

Measure where to cut the ink tube.

Cut the ink tube.

Use a paper towel to clean off you knife and to clean out a little bit of the ink from the ink tube.

Step 4: Reassemble Pen

Step 4: Reassemble Pen

Insert the shortened ink tube into the shortened pen tube

Pat yourself on the back.

Step 5: Modify Cap (Optional)

Step 5: Trim the Pen Cap (Optional)

I'm not a fan of the pocket clip on these Bic pens. So, cut it off while you're at it.

Put the cap on and place in your pocket.

Step 6: Create Hole in the Pen Cap (Optional)

You can add a hole in the pen cap and then feed it onto a split ring keychain. Then the pen lives with your keys.