Introduction: Quick and Simple Enamel Pin Display

This is a quick way to make a hanging display panel for your enamel pin collection.



  • Handkerchief or Bandana
  • Rope, Ribbon, String
  • Wooden Dowel


  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Cutter/Saw for the dowel

Step 1: Iron the Cloth

I received this handkerchief from a friend. I had ironed it to carry in a pocket, but thought of this project.

Iron your cloth flat.

Now to create the pocket for the dowel.

Fold over an inch or so at the top of the cloth. Iron a crease in this fold.

Step 2: Sew the Pocket

This is a simple straight stitch. I back stitched the beginning and end to add strength. Trim the extra thread on either end.

In hindsight, red thread was probably the wrong choice, but it was already in the machine.

Step 3: Add the Dowel

Measure and cut your dowel. Then insert it into the pocket you just sewed.

Step 4: Add the Rope

Measure a length of rope and tie a knot on either end. Attach the ends to the dowel.

I had 2 sections of rope with tassels that were taken off of another project. I used a simple slip knot to keep the tassels hanging correctly.

Step 5: Add Your Pins

Layout where the pins should go. Then place the pins through the cloth.

Step 6: Hang Your Display

Find a suitable place to show off your collection.

Total Time for the project: 30 min

Total Cost for the project: $0

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