Introduction: Personalised Guess Who

This is a perfect gift for Christmas! I made this for my sister who is a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy but you can use characters from any tv show, movie or even pictures of your own family and friends!

Step 1: What You Will Need

I picked up this game for €1.50. It's pretty much the same as any other version. The only requirement is that the cards can be removed. You will also need a printer, scissors, glue and a laminator.

Step 2: Print the Pictures

Measure the length and width of the cards that come with the game then take a few millimetres off of this to allow for lamination. I copy and pasted the pictures from the internet and types the names underneath. Adjust the image and text so they are the size you recorded earlier (or slightly smaller than the original cards). You will need 4 copies of the smaller size . These are the cards that go into the board. You only need one copy of the larger size. These are the deck of cards you choose from.

Step 3: Cut Out the Pictures

Cut out the pictures. As you can see the pictures are slightly smaller than the cards.

Step 4: Glue the Pictures

This step only applies to the smaller pictures so you can leave the larger pictures to one side. This step is hard to explain with pictures. You need to pair up the pictures and glue them back to back and upside down. The type of board I have means you need the same image upside down on the back so you slide down all the cards and flip the board over to start a new game.

Step 5: Laminating

All of the cards need to be laminated.

Step 6: Cutting Out

All the cards must be cut out so they are the same size as the original cards.

Step 7: Finishing Off

Place the cards in each board making sure that each board has the same characters. Put the game back in its box and wrap it up for your friend for Christmas!

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