Introduction: Personalised Printmaking on Fabric

Printmaking is a cheap, fun and quick. Best off all once an etch is made it can be reused as many times as you like, making it a perfect way to personalise your makes. This instructable will take you through all the steps to ensure a great outcome that will last and last. It will primarily focus on its application to fabric, however the same steps work just as well on card, wood, metal, and anything else you can dream of!


Step 1: Drawing

when printing in one colour it is important that you simplify the object you have chosen, focusing less on minor details and more on basic tone, texture, and features. It can be useful to work from something in front of you however a picture will work as well. I chose a clam shell.


  • The carving block is often covered in a residue that prevents the graphite in your pencil from sicking. If in doubt give it a rinse
  • Use a soft pencil as it will give a stronger outline
  • keep it stylised! Don't expect perfect results the more detailed you go

Step 2: Cutting

This is the dangerous part! Accidents happen, however lets keep it to a minimum by following these steps carefully

  • Always carve away from you. Turn the carving not the blade!
  • Use a slip guard and a glove. It's your other hand that is at the most risk!
  • Use a sharp blade. If your using a sharp blade and easy carve material it should be like slicing butter


  • Use multiple small cuts. Not huge chunks
  • switch blades depending on how much material you want to remove
  • use scissors to trim excess material away
  • Enjoy yourself it's almost done!

Step 3: Printing

Using specific printing ink can produce better results however isn't necessary! Add a little water to some acrylics and you're good to go!

  • Roll a little ink on your pallet (ice cream tub lid) and remember a little goes a long way! the thicker the layer the less detail that will be transferred in the print.
  • Then apply a thin layer to the etch
  • Use a scrap piece of paper to practice getting the consistency right (trust me, you will need it.)
  • Next making sure not to smudge flip the print onto the material and press down hard.
  • Finally apply print to the fabric. I'm sure it looks great!
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