Introduction: Phone Case Decorations... With Tape!

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In this tutorial, we will be making customizable and cool designs, for a phone case!


Transparent Tape

Scotch Tape(the staples ones work fine)

Paint(and brush), or different colors of duct tape in case you don't want to paint

Adhesive vinyl

Phone case

Pencil/Pen(for tracing out phone case size)

Step 1: Prepare Case and Vinyl.

Since I am using a TPU case, I decided to stick a piece of vinyl onto the back of the case for the paint to stick.

Take a roll of vinyl backing, and draw out the shape of your case onto it. Cut it out, and stick onto the phone case. Punch out any camera holes, or draw them in and cut them out.

*Note: may leave adhesive traces if vinyl is removed*

Step 2: Use Tape to Make a Design.

I used Scotch tape as it isn't that sticky, and so easy to remove.

Do not use double sided tape, packaging tape, or duct/duck tape.

Make designs, such as the simple one above. Feel free to make them advanced!

(You can make each piece of tape smaller by cutting for more detailed designs.)

*My design is ugly since I didn't put much thought into it.*

Step 3: Paint!

I am using standard Crayola paint(not tempura/acrylic), but acrylic might be more durable. I don't recommend anything else other than Regular and acrylic.

Use different colors!

Note that the color of the vinyl might affect paint color choices. For example, the wood tone vinyl used is dark and only works with colors like blue. Before it dries, use a tissue to wipe off any paint if it doesn't work with the vinyl used.

Step 4: Remove the Tape.

You can wait until it's dry or not... I removed it while wet and it seems okay.

Do this carefully and don't smudge any paint.

Step 5: Optional Protectional Layer:

To prevent the paint from wearing off after intense use, consider sticking on a few pieces of packing, transparent tape over the back.

Do not use any non-transparent tape...

Step 6: REMIX:

Of course, who wants to paint?

You can use duct tape of different colors and designs to make a mosaic. Of course, add a layer of transparent tape to prevent the pieces from falling.

Step 7: Have Fun!

Good luck with your design, and truly hope it's better than my dreadful demo one.

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