Introduction: Phone Case (Sewing)

Sewing a phone case.

Step 1: Making the First Cut

Cut your piece of material, I used a leather-like fabric, into a strip that is .5 wider than your iPhone on both sides. Be sure to leave plenty of material long ways.

Step 2: Forming the Pocket

Take the material and fold it over itself inside out. Then, prepare two 5 inch lines for stitching up the sides of material.

Step 3: Forming the Pocket (Sewing)

Using the sewing machine, stitch the two 5 inch seams you have just prepared. Be sure the stitchings are even. You can now turn the pocket back out right using a pencil are another tool capable of pushing out the bottom corners of the pocket.

Step 4: Adding the Flap

Using the material that is leftover longways, you can fold it over the phone and choose the length you desire it to be. When you have decided, cut the material across and form rounded edges on the flap using scissors.

Step 5: Adding the Velcro

The final step in making these phone case is adding two velcro strips to the flap and case where they meet, allowing for the phone case to be held shut.