Introduction: Photo Bank Case

A useful box and cute and fun

Step 1: Get the Right Stuff

Get a box that you don't need,scissors,scratch paper,paints,a diary case or a plastic box,a pad of paper one fourth will do, photos,pictures,and a cutter

Step 2: With Your Box

Your 2 boxes. Yes you need two same size boxes.

Step 3: Paper Machete

With your box and glue cut small paper square and mix water with glue and use your paint brush to stick it in the box and repeat with the the other box

Step 4: Paint the Box

Choose any color you want or stamp them with the paint

Step 5: Hole It

Put a hole with your cutter and put your fingers inside to make it more open.

Step 6: Connect the Boxes

Stick the boxes together with your glue you can choose to stack them or stick them to a rectangle

Step 7: Add the Paper

Add the pad on the side using glue

Step 8: Stick the Photo

Stick your photo to the back or front so who ever looks at it knows it is yours.

Step 9: Diary Case

Stick the diary case on top or a plastic case on top

Step 10: It Is Done

Have fun with it! Please follow agoodgirl and I will follow you Show your photos of what you made !

Step 11: Play

Play with it and enjoy also try playing with your action figures or dolls Thank you!
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