Introduction: Photography Backdrops

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This is a little video making some textured photography backdrops from wood and paint.

This is good for kids as well, to get them using their motor and creative skills, and get a little messy as well


Paint Tester Pots.

Medium sized paintbrushes

2x4 Wood and Plywood Sheets.

Power Drill or Screwdriver

Step 1: Create the Panels

A little plywood or large sheets of board. You can make these any size you want.

Use screws to put solid wood across the bottom and halfway up the sides to keep everything sturdy.

Step 2: Paint White or Off White.

Paint the whole thing white as a base coat.

This doesn'thave to be neat or tidy, just get it covered.

Step 3: Throw Some Colour on the Board

This needs to be random. just throw some colour on there. It is best to use fairly light and airy colours.

For these i used white for the base, and 2 different shades of blue.

Just throw it on, leave the strokes and texture.

Step 4: Enjoy the Product

Leave to dry, and then use it as a backdrop.

Either close up to add a little texture, or give a little distance and narrow that aperture to blur it out a bit.

Have fun with it.