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Introduction: Picture Art

looking for a nice gift to give someone? or a deco for your bedroom? I found just the thing!

PICTURE ART! try it out! i was able to do this proyect in one afternoon! :)

Step 1: Find an Old Picture Frame.

First of all, you will be needing an old picture frame. I used one that had been re-used once and i re-used it again! :) Then, you have to make sure that the surface is plain and smooth. So, if the painting has been re-used ; tear the paper off and make it smooth by rubbing it or sanding it!

Step 2: Flat Surface

After you have the painting smooth you will need to make a flat surface so use a bit of carboard or something similar and go sticking it onto the the painting!

Step 3: Clean the Frame

If your frame is an old one, you might need to clean it up a bit! (I sure did!)

Step 4: Painting!

Now, you can start painting! I choose to do it black and White but feel free to choose any other color!

The easiest way to paint is to do one spripe at a time with tape between each one. Again, i choose spripes, but you can paint whatever you want!

To make the proyect a bit faster, use a hair dryer to go drying the paint!

Step 5: Strings

Now... Start sticking pieces of string to the sides of the frame! I did it at random but there are many other designs you can do!

Sticking with white glue can be one of the best ideas.. :)

Step 6: Add Your Pictures and DONE!

All you have to do now, is wait for everything to dry and get decorating!! :)

Have fun! i hope you make a great proyect!

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