Introduction: PieFace 2

Step 1: You Will Need

1. Board x1

2. Servo Motor x2

3. Servo Arm x2

4. Servo Bracket x1

5. M4x10 Screw x4

6. M4 Nut x4

7. M3x20 Screw x8

8. M3 Nut x4

9. Fresh Cream x1

10. PE Board x1

11. Keyboard Switch x2

12. Keyboard Button x2

13. Arduino Mega 2560 x1

14. 7.4V Li-Po Battery x1

15. Wago 5 Wire Connector x1

Where to buy:
Servo Motor:

Servo Arm:

Servo Bracket:

Step 2: Make the First Board

The board is the extension of first servo arm, it’ll fixed the second servo motor.

1. Drill two holes that the distance between them is 24 mm, which fits the servo arm.

2. Drill other four holes to fit the servo bracket's holes.

The servo bracket is made by ourselves. You can also buy the similar servo frame on the internet. The dimension will be a little different.

Step 3: Make the Second Board

1. Drill two holes also fit the servo arm.

This board is used to fill the fresh cream and hit our face.

Step 4: Assemble the Components

1. Since the servo motor can only turn 180 degree, make sure the servo arm can turn in the range we want.

2. The second board need to fill the cream, so we use hot glue gun to glue the PE board to make the area bigger.

Step 5: Weld the Wires

We need to count the button signal.

1. Weld the wires and 10 k ohm resistor to connect the Arduino.

You can see Arduino button for more information.

Step 6: Make the Button Box

1. We build a box that can fix the buttons, make us more comfortable to play the game.

Step 7: Connect the Wires

1. We need to give the servo motors and the Arduino power, so connect the battery wire. Also connect the signal wire from Arduino to the servo motors and the buttons.

The code is provided below.

The concept is very easy, we count one time when the button goes up and down. If you hit the button 5 times more than your enemy, you win. Also, every one more hit will make the first servo motor turn to the opponent’s side. I just made very easy angle transformation. You can change the angle ratio by yourself.

More servo information in:


Step 8: Finish

Add some cream, and have fun with your friends!

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