Introduction: Pin Magnet

This is handy for someone that sews or the crafter a bracelet to keep your needles or pins handy.  I don't have the bracelet done yet, but I will update this instructable once I have it finished.

Step 1: Get a Magnet

Use a small round magnet.  In this example I used a 1” in diameter magnet.

Step 2: Get Your Sugru Ready

Use Sugru to first cover the magnet. I chose red, but get creative by mixing some colors. Make it yours.

Step 3: Make Some Sugru Snakes

Then I fashioned some ‘loops’ by rolling out a ‘snake’ or rope of Sugru.

Step 4: Attach Loops

Attach it to one end of the magnet, and then make another one to attach to the other side.  T

Step 5: Cover Sides

Cover the two sides with Sugru, by rolling it into a ball and then flattening it out.

Step 6: Attach It to a Bracelet

After it cures for 24 hours use some yarn, twine, or maybe even paracord to fashion a bracelet for the magnet. Again, get creative and make a nice bracelet. In an effort to save time I just used a slip knot to tie some yarn onto one end. Put the other end of the yarn through the other loop and tied a knot in the loose end.  This way the knot would not slip through the hole when I placed on my wrist. Once on my wrist I pulled the string tight and tucked under yarn.