Introduction: Pinball Game Cardboard

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Enjoy this cardboard sheet Pinball Machine.

Step 1: Take Cardboard

Take Rectangle shape cardboard sheet as per your dimensions.

Step 2: Draw Graphics

Draw Graphics as per your layout of pinball game.

Step 3: Cut Two Wooden Paddles

Cut Two wooden paddles in shape of picture.

Step 4: Take Two Dc Motor

Take two 12 volt dc motor and stick with cardboard.

Step 5: Install Two Paddles

drill holes in wooden paddles and connect with dc motor.

Step 6: Make Spring

Make spring of rubber and stick with wooden plate.

Step 7: Stick Body Parts

stick all body cardboard to this pinball machine.

Step 8: Stick Cardboard

Step 9: Make Objects

stick wooden to cardboard.

Step 10: Rubber Band

boundary of rubber.

Step 11: Remote Control

Make Remote controlled switch box.

Step 12: Connect to Pinball Machine

connect this to pinball machine.

Step 13: Make Start Point

Make a start point through cardboard.

Step 14: Enjoy Pinball !

Enjoy !

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