Introduction: Pineapple Wrapped Bottle of Wine

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Here's a lovely present for the wine and chocolate lover.

This makes a perfect house warming gift and it's easy to make.

Step 1: Supplies

Yellow tissue paper

green tissue paper

Construction paper

scotch tape

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

White freezer paper


Bottle of wine

3 (18 count) boxes of Ferraro Rocher chocolate candy- total needed 54 pieces


Step 2: Cut Paper

The freezer paper is 18" wide. I cut a piece 26" long and placed the bottle of wine in the center.

You will want the shiny side on the inside near the bottle. Dull side out.

Bring the paper up and cover the bottle. Tape around the neck of the bottle to secure.

Step 3: Tissue Paper

Cut up the yellow tissue paper into 3-1/2" squares. You will need 54 to glue onto the bottom of each candy plus several more for filler, between the candy. Total needed is about 100 squares.

With the glue gun set on low heat, glue a square of tissue paper to the bottom of each candy. Leave the brown paper cups on the candy they have a bit of glue on them that keeps them from falling out.

Make several filler tissue papers with the rest of the yellow squares, pinch in the center and twist.

Step 4: Attach Candy Onto Bottle

Begin by placing a small amount of hot glue (on the low heat setting) on the underside of the candy. Place the candy near the bottom edge of the paper covered wine bottle. Glue 8 more pieces of candy around the bottle, each row around will take 9 pieces of candy.

Glue on a 2nd row placing the candy above the 1st row, staggering them in between the candy below.

Continue gluing the candy to the wine bottle.

Step 5: Leaves

Cut 12 leaves out of the construction paper and 12 out of the green tissue paper, 9" long x 3" wide.

Place a tissue paper leaf on top of a construction paper leaf. Fold a pleat at the bottom and use a piece of scotch tape at the bottom to secure.

Repeat with the remaining leaves.

Step 6: Attaching the Leaves

Attach the leaves vertically around the neck of the bottle, overlapping them, using the glue gun.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Cut a strip of green construction paper about 1" wide and wrap it around the bottom of the leaves, securing them in place.

Now isn't this the cutest pineapple you've ever seen?

Anyone would love to receive this as a gift.

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