Introduction: Pinterest Worthy Photo Booth

I am always finding myself looking for cute ideas on Pinterest and then never being able to replicate the ideas. This photo booth is most definitely Pinterest worthy and it is very easy to replicate. Keep reading if you want to know how to make a bare barn wall into a very cute photo booth.


7 hay bales

3 mums

4 pumpkins

2 strings of lights

14 corn stalks

1 nail

1 hammer

2 zip ties

2 wooden crates

1 flannel blanket

1 wreath

some ribbon(optional)

Step 1: Hang Your Lights and Nail

In this picture I have hung my string of lights, but I found that it looked even better to hang another string along that. Then I hammered in my nail for the wreath. The nail will be hidden by the white sheet so decide where you want it behind the sheet.

Step 2: Hang White Sheet

I used staples to hang up my white sheet so that it could be easily taken down.

Step 3: Hay Bales

I set out five of the hay bales in a couch-like formation and then placed the remaining two bales on the edges slanted inwards.

Step 4: Wreath

I tied some ribbon into a bow and attached it to the wreath to make it look a little cuter. Then I hung it on the nail from step 1.

Step 5: Corn Stalks

I separated the corn stalks into two bundles of 7, and then I zip tied them together and propped them up on the corner hay bales. I also added to two wooden baskets.

Step 6: Final Touches

You can place the pumpkins and the mums where ever it looks best. I also laid a flannel blanket on some of the hay bales. Then turn on the lights and then you'll have a great photo shoot area!

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