Introduction: Pistachio Pesto

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Pesto is fantasic to complement your Italian dishes. Unfortunatly, my boyfriend can't eat it. Well, he can, but it doesn't end well. He'll be stuck with a bitter taste in the back of his mouth for about two weeks. It's because of the pine nuts. No matter how he eats them; whole, roasted, chopped or in pesto. It's always the same. I feel sorry for him, because pesto is so wonderful. I know more people have the same problem, so I made this lovely pesto with pistachios!

Step 1: Ingredients

It's really simple:

50g/1,75oz Peeled and roasted pistachios
40g/1,4oz Grated parmesan cheese
1,5 cup Basil leaves
4 tbs Olive oil

You'll also need a hand mixer or a mortar and pesle.

Step 2: Let's Make Some Pesto!

This is not going to be a very long Instructable, because it's easy. First put the peeled and roasted pistachios in a bowl and ground them with the hand mixer. Next put in the basil with the olive oil and ground it by pulsing the mixer. Basil leaves burn very quickly if you keep the hand mixer on for too long. So pulse it! Now mix the cheese in there and add salt until you like the taste. That's it! You have made a pesto that is suitable for people who can't have pine nuts!

If you use a mortar and pesle, just follow the same order of ingredients.
Free advice: cover the bowl in some foil and stick the hand mixer trough it. That way you don't have nuts flying all over the place.