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Most fidget spinners are designed with the intention of having the longest spin time. however, the piston spinner was designed to have as many fidget features as possible! Unlike any other fidget spinner, this one has two pistons that move in and out while you spin! This spinner may appear to be quite bulky, however I can assure you that it fits in my average sized 14 year old hands.

I wanted to make my own unique fidget spinner, not just any old fidget spinner. It had to be something original that had more fidgeting applications than just spinning.

For this build you'll only need a couple things: Four 608 22mm ball bearings, and access to any 3D printer.

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Step 1: Printing the Parts

You will need to 3D print the following pieces from the attached STL files:

x2 body

x1 cam shaft socket

x1 spinner cam shaft

x2 cap

x2 piston case

x2 piston driver

x2 piston

I used matter control to print out these parts in PLA. the only thing that doesn't need any support material is the piston driver.

Step 2: Assembly

To assemble this spinner, configure both pistons, both piston drivers, both parts of the cam shaft, and all four of the bearings like the image above. Cut two 20mm lengths of 1.75mm filament, then slide that into the piston and through the smaller hole of the piston driver. You can secure this piece of filament into the piston via hot glue, soldering iron, etc. then pop the bearings that are connected to the cam shaft into the holes in the body pieces.

Now the only thing left to do is fit the piston casings to the bodies. First slide one of the casings onto a piston, then spread the "jaws" of the bodies so that you can slide the piston casing down fully in between the "jaws" of the bodies.

After the holes line up, the body should just click into place with the piston casing. Put the other casing on the same way on the other side. Please make sure that the rod of the cam shaft fits into the hole of the cam shaft socket.

Please refer to the attached video above, it should help make the explanation clear.

Step 3: Fidget!

Now that you are done here are some things that you can do with this piston spinner here are 4 tricks for you to do with it!

1) Spin it! (of course)

2) Rotate! (spin the center button with your finger and watch the pistons go!)

3) Shake it! (shake the spinner so that the pistons rise and fall)

4) Push it! (push in one piston at a time to rotate the center button)

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