Introduction: Pizza Phone-Case

Have you ever wanted to make something original, funny and useable? Then this Phone-case is the perfect craft for you!
It’s super-easy to make, and you can even improvise to make some other type of pizza.
Let’s get started!!!

Step 1: Supplies

All you need here is a piece of paper, colored pencils, a transparent phone-case ,a pair of scissors and a black marker.

Step 2: The Sketch

Start by putting the transparent phone case on the paper. Trace it with a pencil. Next is drawing the ingredients.
I start with the pepper. You can draw as much as you like, I’ve drawn 3.
Next, there’s the tomato. Draw a big circle, and a smaller one inside. Divide the smaller circle into sections and draw something like a flower inside (just like on the photo).

Step 3: The Sketch- Part 2

Now for the mushrooms! I think everyone knows how to draw mushrooms, if not you can check out the photos, it’s quite easy.
Next I draw the olives. One circle, and a smaller one inside.
The only ingredient left is the cheese.
This is actually optional, because you can just color it in afterwards, but if you want it to be prettier, you can draw little rectangles like I did. Don’t forget the pepperoni!

Step 4: Coloring!!!

The best part...
You can use either pencils or markers, but I suggest you do the crust and cheese with pencils, because you’d have to spend a lot of time and effort to not make it too dark with the markers.
Obviously, the pepper is green, the olives are black, the cheese is yellow, the crust is orange-ish,the mushrooms are gray-ish, BUT!
As for the tomatoes, do the flower inside it light-red, and the rest of it in red, to make sure it doesn’t look 100% red like the pepperoni.

Step 5: Finishing Step ...

You can trace everything (exept the cheese) with a black marker, if you like. Now it’s time to cut it out!
Once you’ve cut it out, you’ve got to try and put it inside the transparent phone-case, if it doesn’t fit, crop it some more. Once it fits, you can cut a hole for the camera.
Your Pizza Phone-case is complete!!!

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