Introduction: Pizza Pillow /decoration

Have you ever wanted to see pizza every single night before you go to sleep well now you can with the pizza pillow you can put it anywhere on your bed, hang it the choices are limitless. You can even try eating it but I think you wouldn’t like it. again put it anywhere!


Cotton balls


This is optional clear string or fishing line and toothpicks

And a print out

Print this for cheese pizza

This for pepperoni

And this for vegetable pizza

Step 1: PIZZA!!!

Print your pizza you want two Times and cut them out.

Step 2: More Pizza

Now staple all of the corners except for one then rip up cotton balls and put them in.

Step 3: Hanging It

THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL. Poke a hole In the top with a toothpick then get some clear fishing line and tie a not in it then attach it to the ceiling.

Step 4: Cleaning It

Ok now staple the edge you left open and clean your pizza pillow so it looks better.


You finished your pizza pillow and now have pizza all the time EVEN WHEN YOU SLEEP.

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