Introduction: Soda Drinking Hat!

Have you ever wanted to make a soda drinking hat so you don’t need to grab soda well now you can.



Food grade clear tube or straws 3ft

Paper clips

Chipboard sheets



Hot glue gun


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Now get your materials

Step 2: Making the Holders

Put the bottle on the chipboard and draw a circle around it and cut it out then cut another chipboard in half and and put it on the corner of the table and pull back and forth. And do it all again.

Step 3: Making the Holders Part 2

Get the curvy price and hot glue the bottom and starch to edge then hot glebother curve price on other side and cut off extra then do it again .

Step 4: Taping It to Hat

First tape it to the front and back of the hat and the tape the inside to the top that tape the bottom to the inside. Make sure the cans hold up. Then at the end cut off the front part of tape so it looks nice.

Step 5: Cutting the Tube

Measure the tube and make sure it can go from in the can to your mouth and make one more.

Step 6: Making the Switch

Get some string and tie it to the tube and tie the other end to a paper clip and do it again on the other one. This is the switch close it on the end and it will not leak take it off and you can drink.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Open the soda can and put it on in now you are done and won’t spill your soda or spill your drink any more!!!

Step 8: Thank You

I will put this in the hat contest and please vote for me thanks!!!
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